Our commitment


As a healthcare company, we work hand in hand with patients and also collaborate with the people who care for them. With this aim in mind, we provide support to patients’ associations, helping them to organise initiatives geared towards those affected by different pathologies. We also promote campaigns for social awareness-raising and to transmit knowledge about their needs.


At Cinfa we believe in an authentic accessible healthcare that enables access for all patients to the treatments they need, wherever they are and whatever their situation.

To do so, we support international NGOs such as Farmamundi , who we have worked with for over a decade, providing help to over a million people, and “Farmacéuticos Sin Fronteras“.

We have also established programs in Spain to enable access to medicines. Collaborations with groups such as Cáritas and pharmaceutical associations permit persons at risk of social exclusion to have access to free medicines at pharmacies.


‘Teaming’ is an initiative consisting of team micro-donations in which Cinfa workers who want to can contribute one euro from their monthly salary to support social projects. These projects are proposed and chosen by the employees themselves and the company also participates by doubling the amount collected.

Since its inception at Cinfa in 2012, workers have collaborated in over fourty five projects of different types, contributing 150,000 euros. The initiatives include help with rehabilitation therapies for children with different diseases, or collaborations with centres for people with Alzheimer, MS, etc.


We have collaborated for over 25 years with a number of organisations in the socio-occupational integration of disabled people. These relationships have been rewarding for Cinfa in two ways: on the one hand they have allowed us to make use of the services of a highly reliable supplier, and on the other, it has permitted us to add our grain of sand to the integration of such people into the business community.

The result is that more than 100 persons with special needs work directly for Cinfa, packaging our products, washing work clothes and caring for the gardens in our facilities.


The Cinfa plants are located in privileged natural surroundings that we care for and protect. This mission includes an Energy Efficiency Plan designed to minimise the environmental impact of our activities and to promote measures that encourage sustainable development.


WATER: We reduced our water consumption by 39%: 16,000 m3, the same as the contents of six Olympic swimming pools.

WATER AND ELECTRICITY: We saved on 657 tons of CO2 water and electricity consumption, the same as planting 2,373 trees.


Ever since Infarco and Cinfa were established, our values as people have determined our development and business activities, establishing over time the conduct and attitudes that make us what we are.

These best practices are contained in our Code of Conduct, which is applied to all the firms that make up our parent company: Infarco. It is a document that establishes the overall framework of our relationships with shareholders, customers, patients, employees, suppliers and society in general.

See our Code of Conduct

A further effort in our commitment to accountability and transparency is our compliance with the policy established by the Spanish Generic Medicines Asociation (‘Aeseg’), which Cinfa belongs to.

It defines all the value transfers that are carried out every year to healthcare organisations and professionals, as well as to patients’ associations, thereby guaranteeing that the relationship with each and every one of them is ethically maintained and never involves any conflict of interest.

Value transfers of Cinfa_July-December 2017

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