Cinfa Group

Cinfa forms part of Infarco, a parent company for several firms that handle different business lines in the world of health, and which have gradually been formed to make what is now the Cinfa Group.

The Group currently has 2,000 employees and is undergoing a process of international diversification and expansion with participation in companies of different countries.


Other companies in Cinfa Group

Orliman, leader in orthopaedics

For 25 years Orliman has been researching, developing and making products to prevent injuries, for rehabilitation and for treating chronic problems related to mobility.

This Spanish-owned company is a European benchmark in orthopaedic solutions, it is strongly positioned in France and has a notable presence in Latin America and North Africa.

Natural Santé, developer of nutritional supplements

Created in 1986 and with a major presence in the French market, Natural Santé is a company that specialises in the development and marketing of nutritional supplements and products based on medicinal plants.

It currently has three leading brands corresponding to its different business lines and occupies a front ranking position in over 5,000 pharmacies in France.

Santé Verte:

Plantes Laboratoire:

Diet Horizon:

Sakura Italia, specialist in healthcare

An Italian firm that commenced in 2004, Sakura has an extensive portfolio of innovative healthcare products and nutritional supplements that it markets in over 24 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Its range of healthcare products includes almost 40 products geared towards six therapeutic areas: gynaecology, the immune system, circulation, digestion, respiratory medicine and skin care, which occupy a strong position in pharmacies.

Cyndea Pharma, specialist in hormonal therapies

Cyndea Pharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory located in Ólvega (Soria), and is a benchmark company in the manufacture of hormonal therapies.

It is currently developing and manufacturing drugs based on steroids and oncology treatments for hormone-dependent tumours (cancers of the breast endometrium, uterus and prostate). Cyndea Pharma has a specific technology to make soft gelatine capsules.

3P Biopharmaceuticals, international biotechnology

3P Biopharmaceuticals specialises in developing biotechnological products and processes: advanced therapy molecules, vaccines and bio-similar drugs such as proteins and monoclonal antibodies for a wide range of therapeutic indications.

Since its inception in 2006, 3P, as a  production partner, has accompanied its clients in the development of biological drugs all the way from initial research, pre-clinical and clinical trials up to the marketing process.

The Cinfa Group is the majority shareholder of the company stock.