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With more than 800 pharmaceutical presentations, our vademecum is continuously growing. It is always adapting to new needs and market requirements and it complies with the most strict quality standards.

Our work is focused on five different product ranges: generic drugs, OTC, orthopaedics under our Farmalastic brand, dermo-cosmetic line under the Be+ brand, and finally N+S Nature System, our nutritional solutions new product line.

  • Generic Drugs

    • We are leaders in the Spanish generic drug market with more than 250 pharmaceutical presentations in all therapeutic areas.

      Since 1998, when we launched our first generic drug, up to today, Cinfa has sold more than 700 million units of generic drugs always keeping the same goal in mind: to offer bioequivalent generic drugs while ensuring their utmost quality and their access to all the people. To offer the same guaranty, effectiveness and safety than the reference medicinal product.

      Moreover, our aim for making progress has driven us to develop Highly-Specialized Drugs of greater complexity on their pharmaceutical and clinical development, indicated for oncologic diseases and transplantations.

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  • Non Prescription Drugs (OTC)

    • Because we know that everyone is different, we create solutions that adapt to you.

      That is the reason why Cinfa introduces a wide OTC vademecum developed to offer the newest and more convenient pharmaceutical presentations for today’s lifestyle.

      All our drugs are adapted to the countries where they are marketed at; we adapt pharmaceutical presentations and packaging to meet both specific pharmaceutical regulations and peoples’ needs in each country.

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  • Patient Care

    • We provide you with pharmaceutical products intended for self-healthcare and wellness. This product range is oriented to relieve mild pathologies’ symptoms, eye and nasal hygiene and to fight mosquito and lice.

      We want to offer solutions to you and your family, because at Cinfa we want to contribute to a good quality of life.

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  • Orthopaedics

    • Our Farmalastic brand is specialized in orthopaedics and offers a wide range of products for the prevention and treatment of venous and musculoskeletal conditions as well as for facilitating sports practice.

      All our products are designed based in two critical pillars: innovation and design, using high quality materials in order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and maximum comfort while using the product.

      Farmalastic has become a leader brand in Spain, with 45% market share.

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  • Dermocosmetics

    • Cinfa has created a range a range of high tolerance dermo-cosmetic treatments formulated to act upon cellular functions and help recover, equilibrate and reinforce skin’s natural potential, providing an instant feeling of comfort.

      Be+ provides a wide range of treatments certified by effectiveness and tolerance studies, all of them conducted under dermatological control.

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  • Nutritional Solutions

    • Our laboratory has developed N+S Nature System, a new cutting-edge research line on nutrition and health. It is oriented to health prevention and improvement of the quality of life through nutrition.

      These nutritional supplements are composed by active ingredients with proven physiological effects and have innovative formulations that provide the adequate dose of nutrients necessary for a proper functioning of the body. They also help preventing health conditions by being the complement to a healthy and balanced diet.

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