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Our premises are situated in Navarra covering a total of 57,000 m². That is where our two production plants, our research and quality labs, an automated warehouse and logistics services, and the headquarters are located.

  • Huarte Facility

      • Our production plant (17,000 m²):
        • Different pharmaceutical forms are produced: tablets, capsules, sachets and liquids.
        • Here 90% of our production is made.
      • Our laboratories:
        • They are equipped with the most advanced technologies and comply with the highest working security levels.
        • They reach the highest efficiency levels working 24/7 in order to reduce analysis times.
      Huarte Facility | CINFA Internacional
  • Olloki Facility

      • 40,000 m² including a production site, the warehouse and the headquarters.
      • Our production plant (2,700 m²):
        • It includes our highly-specialized generic drug site where oncological and immunosuppressant products are manufactured.
        • This facility brings together all the solid form conditioning process. At this moment we have reached 100 million units/year production capacity.
      • Our warehouse:
        • It is automated and equipped with some of the most advanced technology.
        • With a total storage capacity for 20,000 pallets.
        • 1 million deliveries made every year to pharmacists, distributors and other customers.
      Olloki Facility | CINFA Internacional
Planned investment of € 67million until 2016