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At the

The culture of innovation is part of our essence, of our attitude.

At Cinfa, we are creative and we search for the continuous improvement of our work, this is our way of putting the highest quality drugs at your fingertips.

This commitment is expressed by our investment policy: every year we reinvest 90% of our profit in our own company. But it is also expressed by the Cinfa scientist team, which manages more than 75 projects at different stages of development, and collaborates with 80 universities and research centers all over the world.

Cutting-edge technology

Our production and research facilities are located in Navarra, Spain, a benchmark region in Europe when it comes to technology, research and innovation in strategic sectors such as the renewable energies, the biomedicine and the nanotechnology.

These facilities are equipped with the most advanced technologies and have been certified under the most strict quality standards, always complying with the highest safety levels.

Our Highly-Specialized Generic Drug production plant has enabled us to enter new pharmaceutical development, production and innovation lines in the fields of endocrinology, oncology and transplantations.

Furthermore our head offices’ building has a bioclimatic design, based on functionality and efficiency concepts in order to promote energy saving.

The culture of innovation, a sound base